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Landscape Design Ideas for Corner Lots

Corner lots normally come with the benefit of extra outdoor living space, but they can also pose a unique design challenge. With at least one side of your lot exposed to oncoming traffic, many corner lot homeowners opt for landscaping that adds extra privacy without creating an eyesore for the neighbours. Here are three ways to do it!

Idea 1: Create a Vignette with Trees and Shrubs

The simplest and most budget-conscious way to deal with an exposed corner lot is to create a “vignette,” or a small collection of trees, shrubs, and perhaps a few perennials to fill in the gaps. The vignette creates a feature in the corner of the lot where there would otherwise be an awkwardly-shaped open space. 

To create the vignette, wood or rock mulch can be used as a groundcover to establish a neat shape, while strategically-placed trees and shrubs add privacy where you need it most.

Idea 2: Add a Fenced-In Seating Area

Glenora landscape design by Jason Stubbs of Salisbury Landscaping

The quality and design of your fencing has a strong influence on the curb appeal of this design. Opting for a modern design, such as a fence with horizontal planks, elevates your corner lot landscape into a landmark within your community. For extra curb appeal, you can add additional landscaping plants around the perimeter of your fencing, like classic hydrangea shrubs, evenly-spaced cedar trees, or even climbing vines like Virginia Creeper.

On the inside, the corner shape of the fence makes a natural enclave for an L- or U-shaped seating area. Building seating into your fencing, like we did for this landscape in Glenora, allows you to maximize the seating in the space while keeping it cozy, practical, and contemporary. Along with the bench seating, the corner space can be completed with a fire pit or a small play area for the kids.

Idea 3: Install a Tiered Rock Garden

If you prefer a more dramatic look that practically takes care of itself, rock gardens are the way to go. Using boulders, natural stone slabs, and river rock, you can create towering tiers that block the view into your yard while still attracting plenty of attention. Nestle evergreens and perennials into your rock garden beds to add some low-maintenance life to the design.

If you don’t mind going the extra mile to really make a splash, you can take the idea one step further and create a breathtaking water feature. The layers of natural stone can also be used to create a tiered waterfall that visitors to the neighborhood won’t soon forget. If you’re going for the “grand entrance” effect, a waterfall is about as grand as it gets!

Not sure how to make these ideas work for your corner lot? Every property is different, and our team of designers works with every homeowner individually to take their space, needs, and taste into account. We’re fully equipped to offer safe, contact-free service to help you envision a design for your property. Book your consultation today to learn more!

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