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From Our Perspective: Why We Love What We Do

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We’ve always believed that what sets any company apart is their people, especially in an industry like ours. Landscaping is a combination of science, art, and engineering; it’s meticulous, it’s hard work, and every project is completely different from the next. You have to be passionate to succeed in the landscaping industry, and that’s why our team is our greatest asset. Not only are we proud to count some of Alberta’s most creative, talented, and experienced landscaping professionals among our ranks, but we also love what we do!

“Once the yard has been installed, the dreaming of endless possibilities begins.”

Kevin Napora

Here’s what some of our team members had to say about what their work at Salisbury Landscaping means to them.

Jessica Duncan
Project & Warranty Coordinator

“There is a lot of diversity in my job, so every day is a little different—I think this keeps each season exciting! I really enjoy Aftercare Services and assisting clients in navigating their ‘new landscape’ during this phase; caring for your new landscape is a little different a few seasons later. Everything I know about landscaping, I learned here at Salisbury over the last 7 seasons—and the plants are a beautiful part of that. I enjoy ordering plant material, getting things organized, and seeing our Salisbury yard full of plants ready to be installed.”

Kevin Napora
Master Gardener & Landscape Designer

“There are many reasons why I enjoy my work at Salisbury, but what comes up time and time again is watching clients start to dream. Once the yard has been installed, the dreaming of endless possibilities begins. They envision future family get-togethers, children playing, or simply chilling with a glass of wine on their new patio. It’s fun to see.”

Andreas Lietz
Senior Landscape Designer

“It is very rewarding to be involved from the planning stage to the implementation process and watching the clients’ dreams come to life. I also appreciate my coworkers (co-designers) for making ours a helpful, creative and fun work environment. I also appreciate how Salisbury has provided a secure and stable work environment.

Working in-house with other landscape designers is a great benefit to our clients and me; we can always team up and there’s always someone around to get a second opinion.”

Jason Stubbs
Landscape Designer

“What really thrills me on each job is the science, the skill, the sympathy, and the attention to detail of our team. When clients tell me at the end of their job that our installers were amazing, I find that to be ample vindication of all my efforts.” 

Adam Sproule

“We enrich people’s lives through landscaping—how cool is that! I feel grateful to be part of this amazing team and to be able to create beautiful landscapes for our customers. Personally, I’m also grateful to be part of our family’s third-generation greenhouse business, which was started by my grandparents. It’s very special.”

Pest Control Officer


[Translation: Angus loves to keep pests at bay, but his favourite moments are getting scratches from clients at the Salisbury Landscaping office. You can see what a day in Angus’s life looks like by following him on Instagram, @angustheofficecat.]

Now that you know how we feel about what we do, find out what it’s like to work with us! In this short video, our clients and designers explain how the Salisbury Landscaping team can help your vision come to life.

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