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Embracing Your Time at Home

This is an unusual time for everyone. As the world struggles to respond to a global crisis, many of us are spending more time at home than we bargained for. While the reasons for this sudden change of lifestyle are serious, we believe that the change comes with its own opportunities. Now more than ever, we have the time and motivation to focus our attention on creating comfortable, clean, and serene living spaces.

Why Landscaping is More Important Than Ever

Suddenly, spending more of our lives at home is the new normal. While staying home gives us all the opportunity to reconnect with family, catch up on unfinished projects, and enjoy a sense of safety, it’s never been more important to make full use of your living space. Here’s why we’re more passionate than ever about what we do:

We enrich people’s lives.

Landscaping has always been about creating beautiful outdoor spaces that allow people to enjoy more of their property. Now, as our world begins to feel a little smaller, those beautiful living spaces in the fresh air feel especially precious.

We encourage people to lead healthier lives.

Stepping into your backyard gives you a vital dose of fresh air and sunshine, and you have so many options to stay strong and active. From playing in the sandbox, to shooting hoops in the driveway, to working in the garden, a great landscape gives everyone an opportunity to keep moving.

We help people find refuge during challenging times.

Mental health is so important, and with the world around us changing each minute, we all need to be gentle with ourselves and each other. Surrounding yourself with plants, sunshine, and the sounds of singing birds or trickling water has proven benefits for your mood, stress level, and sense of overall well-being.

Getting Your Landscape Ready for Spring

It’s important to stay active and get some fresh air wherever you can—and where better to do both than your own backyard! While the official first day of spring is March 19th, you only have to live through one year in Edmonton to know that “spring” as we know it is still weeks away. That doesn’t mean you can’t get out there and get started on your spring landscape! Here are a few tasks you can start today to prepare your landscape for patio weather.

Clear out debris

Throughout the winter, we tend to spend less time tidying up outside. Whether you need to clean up after the family dog or simply clear out some fallen branches, get the area as spic and span as you can before the snow melts.

Prevent damage from the melt

If you know or suspect your property has drainage issues, now is the time to take action to prevent damage from melting snow and ice. Remove snow and ice that has accumulated near the foundation or in window wells. Make sure eavestroughs are clear and ensure there’s a pathway for water to divert away from your home when it passes through the downspout. Now is also a great time to have your roof shingles and sump pump checked and maintained if necessary.

Prune summer-blooming trees and shrubs

Shrubs and trees that bloom on new wood haven’t set their buds yet, so now is a great time to get them cleaned up for another growing season. Check the branches for buds, and if you don’t see any, go ahead and start trimming! Thin out dead, broken, or crowded branches, especially any branches that cross over each other. Aim to create a tidy shape without cutting off more than one-third of the plant.

Break up snow piles

You know those stubborn piles of snow that seem to stick around long after the rest of the landscape has started blooming? You don’t have to live with them! On a warmer day, when the temperature is close to (or above) zero, grab a heavy metal shovel and break up the pile. Scatter smaller pieces across the yard so that the snow melts evenly when “real” spring finally arrives.

Spring Landscape Enhancements

When the weather starts to warm up for good, you can make your outdoor home space even more inviting with these simple changes.

Plant native perennials

Plant some native seeds in your garden beds to invite more pollinators to visit your backyard. Not only will you attract more birds, bees, and butterflies, but these beautiful plants will require virtually no maintenance to thrive in your yard.

Pay attention to play areas

Now more than ever, it’s important to get in the habit of cleaning outdoor toys! Try filling a kiddie pool with eco-friendly soap and water so you can give soccer balls, lawn toys, and sandbox stuff a good scrub. Place them on a clean tarp to dry. Make sure to hose down and disinfect other play surfaces like swing sets, slides, and playhouses.

Clean and fill birding supplies

Clean and sanitize your feeders and birdbaths and fill them up with fresh food and water. During times of increased social distancing, birds are great company.

Get your patio set up

Start by scrubbing patio furniture to get everything looking brand new. Add outdoor textiles like rugs and cushions to warm up the space, add container gardens and hanging baskets to bring in some colour, string up some lights, and consider adding a water feature for some calming white noise.

Fire up the grill

But first, get it sparkling clean. Don’t forget to refill your propane tank!

We’re Here for You

The situation in the world is changing constantly, and more than ever, we’re seeing the importance of being able to access a clean, comfortable, and beautiful outdoor space. Our team is available to help you transition your yard into a valuable extension of your indoor living area.

Let us help

Make the most of the space you have.

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