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Benefits of Starting your Landscape Design in the Fall

Thinking about making a change to your landscape? While you might think of landscaping as something to put off until spring, the best time to get started is actually much sooner. Starting your landscape design in the fall has huge benefits for you, and can even end up saving you money. Here are just a few of the benefits of planning your landscaping project in the fall. 

More “Face Time” with Your Designer

When the snow begins to melt in Edmonton, we’re all thinking about the same thing: getting outside! When outdoor living is top of mind, we see a big rush of folks looking to start their landscaping projects. We love to see people’s enthusiasm for creating a beautiful outdoor space, but due to the volume of customers at this time of year, our design team simply has less time to spend with each family.

In the fall, when most people are gearing up for the winter, our designers’ schedules start to open up. More time to spare means our design team has more time to work on new projects with you. With more time to talk and think about your project, we can come up with something really creative for your space!

Make sure you get the materials you want when you want them. A benefit of beginning your landscape in the fall is you get first dibs on great hardscape materials, plants, and trees.

Early Access to Specialty Products

The spring is a busy time for landscapers all over the country, and Edmonton landscapers are no different. If we’ve only settled on a design into the spring months, we’re competing with every landscaper in the area for some of the year’s hot items— like specialty plants, hardscaping materials, and other permanent outdoor fixtures. While we can usually get these items in, it’s not uncommon to run into wait times while our suppliers catch up to backorders. This can add more time to the build process.

If we know what we need before the spring begins, we can place orders as early as possible. That way, the materials for your design are first in line to be fulfilled, and the design can be completed much sooner.

Increased Design Flexibility

Changed your mind about an aspect of the design? Maybe you want the water feature next to the patio instead of over by the fence. Or, perhaps you’ve reconsidered which trees you want for your front yard.

It’s totally normal to have second thoughts about a part of your design, and that’s why it pays to have extra time to think about it. When you’re rushing to overhaul a landscape in the spring, sometimes decisions are made on impulse without any time to consider the impact. By starting your landscape design in the fall, you have lots of time to think critically about what you want before the work begins.

Take the Stress Out of Event Planning

We’re always honoured to be part of our customers’ event plans. We’ve been lucky to work on landscapes that are destined to become venues for intimate weddings, engagement parties, birthdays, and landmark anniversaries. A fresh, beautiful landscape sets the scene for warm memories and precious photos!

With that said, we all have families of our own and we know that event planning comes with its fair share of stress. We also know from experience that starting early is the #1 best way to combat the anxiety of event planning. In the landscaping world, there are factors outside of anyone’s control that can impact the timeline for a design to be completed. The last thing we want is for you to lose sleep over whether the design will be ready in time!

When your design is ready in the cooler months, we can get a head-start on completing your project ahead of schedule. This has major benefits for your event— not only will you have time to get a feel for the final space (which can affect how you choose to decorate!), you can focus on the other details for the big day. That way, you can replace more of that pre-event stress with joy and excitement.

A major benefit of designing in the fall is there's simply more time to enjoy your landscape come spring

More Time to Enjoy

At the end of the day, you work with us because you want to make the most of the outdoor space you have. Our summers here in Edmonton are already short enough, so why not finish your project early and start enjoying them sooner?

We’re so confident you’ll love the experience of starting your design early, we offer a special promotion for our fall customers. Start working with us before the end of November and we’ll guarantee our price quote for Spring 2020. Our suppliers normally update their prices in January, so an early guarantee can end up saving you a bundle! Keep in mind that our designers need to see your property before it’s covered in snow so they can properly begin your design, so it’s always best to book early. Contact us today to book your first consultation!

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