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5 Family-Friendly Winter Activities to Do in Your Yard

Salisbury LandscapeFamily having fun in the snow building snowman

Winter in Edmonton is polarizing; no pun intended. Some of us are gearing up for ski-doo weather, while others are mourning the loss of our annual Caribbean getaway. Now that we’re all facing the months of frigid weather ahead, we might as well make the best of it! These family winter activities are all loaded with healthy benefits; they’ll get the whole family outside, encourage you to enjoy the ever-fleeting sunlight, keep you active, and bring you closer together with your loved ones. Here are five fun things to do with your kids in winter!

Imagine capping off an afternoon of outdoor fun with a giant thermos of hot chocolate by the fire.

Build a Skating Rink

This is definitely the most ambitious project on this list of winter activities, but it’s hard to think of a more rewarding project to complete as a family! You can either purchase a kit to build your rink to the desired size or if you’re pretty handy with lumber, you can build your own frame and have the kids help move all the walls into place. Once the frame is built, it’s just a matter of building up the ice into a level skating area. Once the rink is complete, you’ll be able to enjoy family hockey games or rate each other’s figure skating skills for months to come! At the end of the season, you can put the rink walls into storage until next year.

child building snow fort

Create Snow Sculptures

We get more than our fair share of snow in Edmonton, and while there are times when it gets in the way, it makes an amazing sculpting medium. If you haven’t built a snowman or some other snow sculpture since you were a kid, there’s no better year than this one to try it again! Kids can happily build for hours, and you might be surprised by their (and your own!) creativity. As the winter goes on, more snow is bound to follow, so why not challenge yourself? Try building a quinzee, igloo, or snow maze, which provides young kids with a whole new play area that lasts all season.

Have a Snowball Fight

Anyone who grew up in Alberta is at least somewhat familiar with the different types of snow; you’ve got your fresh powder, your slush, and then the type right in-between—the perfect snowball snow. You’ll only find this kind of snow, the type that forms easily into a ball, on the most idyllic winter days when the temperature hovers just below freezing. Don’t waste them; tell the family to bundle up, split into teams (or everyone for themselves), and start throwing! Not only will everyone get some fresh air and exercise, but you’ll strengthen your bond as a clan and give your kids some truly priceless childhood memories.

DIY bird feeder with bird eating

Hang Up Some Bird Feeders

Urban birds rely on humans for a lot of their nutritional needs during the winter months. Crafting some homemade bird feeders with the kids is great for teaching them about the different types of birds that visit your neighbourhood, and hanging them up will attract some feathered friends to your landscape! Make basic pine cone feeders or have fun filling up some tube or suet feeders. Make sure that, if your feeder is reusable, you’re also cleaning and refilling them regularly to keep your avian visitors happy and healthy. Hang feeders up around the yard on low-hanging tree boughs, fence posts, or anywhere your favourite birds convene!

Gather Around the Fire Pit

Who says the fire pit is only for the summertime? If your fire pit is covered, you can get a bonfire up and blazing any time of the year. Imagine capping off an afternoon of outdoor fun with a giant thermos of hot chocolate by the fire. Speaking of which, ever tried topping yours with a roasted marshmallow? You’re in for a treat!

Family fun in the snow with the dog

This year, the only way around winter is to get through it, so why not make it memorable? These winter activities will leave a lasting impression on your whole family—years from now; you’ll be able to reminisce fondly on how you got through this unusual year together. However you choose to spend the next few months, we at Salisbury Landscaping hope you enjoy yourself, stay healthy, and make the most of your outdoor living space!

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