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Ukrainian engineer turned nature-loving photographer and landscape designer with over 10 years of experience.

Viktor Push

Landscape Designer

Originally from Ukraine, Viktor holds cherished memories of childhood summers spent in the village with his grandparents, where he enthusiastically assisted his grandmother in the vibrant greenhouse.

His profound connection with nature took root during his teenage years as a member of the Ukrainian scouts, fostering a passion that seamlessly evolved into a love for photography. Viktor finds joy in capturing the essence of landscapes and the intricate details of plants through macro shots. This artistic pursuit was further enriched by the influence of his mother, a talented naturalist painter.

In 2012, Viktor embarked on his landscaping journey with Salisbury Landscaping, starting as a labourer. Through steadfast dedication and hard work, he steadily ascended the professional ranks, progressing from a field supervisor to his current role as a landscape designer. Viktor skillfully harmonizes his experience as a foreman with his creative skills as a visual artist, effortlessly combining technical expertise with a keen eye for aesthetics in the realm of landscaping. This journey has not only been a professional evolution but a personal one, reflecting Viktor’s enduring commitment to the beauty and artistry of nature.

I have over 10 years of experience on installation of beautiful landscapes from different designers, different styles and yard sizes. I tried to learn the best from each of them.

Viktor Push, Landscape Designer