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Ukrainian engineer turned nature-loving photographer and landscape designer with over 10 years of experience.

Viktor Push

Landscape Designer

I was born in Ukraine and lived in the city, but as a kid, I spent all my summers at the village with my grandparents. My grandmother used to work in the greenhouse, raising veggies, and she often took me with her to help.

I finished university as an Engineer with a specialization in the design of cutting tools and mechanisms.

I developed a love for nature very early, as a teenager, when I was a part of the Ukrainian scouts organization called Plast. My love for nature and plants carried over to my passion – photography. I enjoy photographing landscapes and macro shots of plants and nature. My mother is a naturalist painter, and this has also helped me develop artistic visual skills.

My landscaping career started in 2012 with Salisbury Landscaping as a laborer, and I worked my way up to become a field supervisor and now a landscape designer.

I have over 10 years of experience on installation of beautiful landscapes from different designers, different styles and yard sizes. I tried to learn the best from each of them.

Viktor Push, Landscape Designer