Get Ready for Garden Tours

July is when the garden is at its most magnificent. It is also garden tour season. Every city and most towns will have garden tours and some of the larger cities will have garden competitions through their different horticulture societies. I absolutely recommend...

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Let Hedging Season Begin!

As soon as the Mock oranges finish flowering, hedging season begins. Way back at the beginning of March we learned the rules of pruning. Never cut more than a third, don’t prune Birch and Maple until June, plants either grow up or out, spring pruning invigorates, and...

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It’s Time for You To Enjoy Your Hard Work!

July is truly my most treasured time in the garden. There is so much abundance. The flowers are resplendent, the animal and bird watching are great fun, but most importantly there are people. I have long said in my landscape design courses that people get caught up in...

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Welcome to Summer!

June 21 This is the actual first day of summer and also the time to give up on dead things. As all gardeners are filled with hope and mercy, we keep wishing life into dead things. But no matter how much water and fertilizer we give that dead rose, or struggling...

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Keep Your Yard the Envy of the Neighbourhood

When a space has been created for optimal growth, everything wants to  grow – including weeds. There is a perception that if you have your yard landscaped it becomes maintenance free for life. In order to keep your yard the envy of all the neighbours work is required....

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‘Tis The Season for Ants & Aphids

There are hundreds of diseases and pests out there but there are just a few that are common to everyone’s garden across the prairies. Ants Ants strangely are reviled as the greatest scourge to gardener-kind, but actually don’t cause that much damage. They injure...

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Spring Flowering Shrub Trimming – Now is the time!

Spring Flowering Shrub Trimming – Now is the time! Spring flowering shrubs are all shrubs that flower before June 21. These include your Forsythia, Prunus (Nankings, sandscherry, etc), white flowering spirea and lilacs. In early April, we did thinning. That is where...

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Weeding can be Your Path to Enlightenment by Kevin Napora

I read a wonderful Zen book recently that glorified not the attainment of one’s goal but the path towards those goals. It went on about how we need to take the time to enjoy the journey and as goals come and go, the enjoyment of the journey remains. I am positive this...

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Mid-May Gardening: Annual plantings & pine candle snapping

The bulk of your planting should be done right now. Start containers in mid-May and then harden them off by bringing them in and out of the house. For larger containers I would recommend that they be planted at this time. If you are dealing with new introductions,...

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Planting to attract Butterflies to your garden

There is nothing that I can think of that is quite as exquisite as a flower garden filled with butterflies, fluttering amongst all the multicoloured species of flowers, bushes and trees on a sun drenched day. Whereas honey bees tend to gravitate to all the blossoming...

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