Using Feng Shui in Landscape Design

Outdoor Feng Shui Outdoor Feng Shui is primarily about blocking negative energy (views and noise) to protect the house and then guiding positive energy (feelings) into the yard. This is done by creating a landscape design with soft flowing lines that meander through...

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The First Step of Garden Design

The First Step of Garden Design   Back through the cloudy fog of time, through those misty water-coloured memories, I can still remember one of my very first lessons in Garden Design. Sat in a classroom at the Royal Horticultural Society‘s Wisley Gardens in...

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Residential Lot Grading

Protect Your Home’s Foundation For Peace of Mind Spring is right around the corner – hopefully. Most people can’t wait for the change of season but for people with water drainage problems in their yard this is a time of year to dread. I am talking today about the...

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Garden Lighting Brings Your Garden Back to Life

In early January, there was a great article in the Edmonton Journal that talked about the brand new idea of subtle lighting in Edmonton’s downtown core. This is something that made me smile, because Edmonton’s landscape designers have been incorporating low voltage...

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Plant No-No’s

Winter on the prairies is long and cold and the season has a crazy effect on our shopping choices in the spring, especially when it comes to plants. In the spring, we crash into the greenhouses like the Americans on Black Friday and buy pretty much every plant in site...

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Residential Drainage

The number one thing our designers look for when designing a yard is the grading and water flow. A well executed landscape will incorporate the proper grade and drainage of your yard into the design   We have all heard the old adage “when it rains, it pours” this...

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Top Tips to Create Beautiful Holiday Containers

Creating eye-catching winter containers can be an inexpensive and easy way to dress up a home's entrance while waiting for Spring to return. Here are a few tips when creating your holiday containers. Containers do not have to be complicated to be beautiful. To...

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Preparing the Garden for Winter

Preparing for the winter always starts with the soil. Once all of the leaves have been cutback then you can see the soil. If you have larger spaces in the perennial garden, an annual garden, or vegetable garden it is a good idea to take a shovel or spade and dig down...

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Can it be October already?!

October is the same as April, in that it is a time for cleaning. But there is one more responsibility and that is protection. You do have to protect your plants physically with wraps to prevent animals from eating your plants through the winter or winter winds from...

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Bulbs a Plenty!

By now all of the greenhouses, grocery stores, and hardware stores are full of bulbs. I know you are starting to get tired of the garden but bulbs in the spring are incredibly energizing and worth the extra time in planting. You can plant bulbs as late as the end of...

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Enhance Your Landscape with Outdoor Lighting

You've pulled out all the stops to make your house and yard look first-rate. So why let that hard work disappear at nightfall when, with a flick of a switch and some strategically placed landscape lights, you can roll back the darkness and put it all on display. Once...

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Fall Containers

Fall Containers Over the years, I have learned something interesting about people and their container plantings. In the spring and especially during the summer, people are feverish about maintaining their pots. They are watered, fertilized, deadheaded, and adored. But...

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Protect Your Landscape from Rain

With an unexpectedly wet summer this year, we must be very aware that the plants in our yard aren't getting TOO MUCH water! Here are a few tips to protect your trees and shrubs from excess rain. 1. Improve soil drainage In times of heavy rain the upper soil in garden...

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Say It Isn’t So … Fall Already?!

August 15 is the first day of fall. Even though the calendar says it is a month away all of the plants are in full storing mode and you will have already noticed, here and there, the odd yellow leaves in the trees. By mid-September, a number of the perennials will...

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Now is an Excellent Time …. To Kill Things!

Just as in growing things, there is also a perfect time to kill things. Let’s take an example: you have a 15-year-old lilac that needs to be killed. In March you cut it down because the ground was frozen and it made it easier to remove it, and then spent almost the...

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It’s Harvest Season

If you have a vegetable garden, you have been harvesting all of the cold crops and have been picking tomatoes for a few weeks, depending on when you did your initial plantings. But now the fruit crops are starting. Usually, the first weekend in August, starts with the...

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Top Tips for Harvesting your Garden

Once you know your fruit and vegetables are ready to be harvested you can have more questions than answers. Is there a best time of day to harvest? What tools do I need? Once everything is picked where do I put it? BillyOh blog has some great tips to keep in mind when...

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